Breaking the monolith – How to design your system for both flexibility and scale

Hi, you probably got here because you liked some of the article we posted about how to engineer software in the age of the scale. Well, we happy to know you found it interesting (and hopefully useful) and we would like you to  feel free to mail us in and tell us about your experience. But first, make sure you haven’t missed anything:

  1. Part 1: The monolith is broken – about why your software is so bad (entropy), why you work so hard (failure to adapt to changes)  and what can be done about it (a lot!)
  2. Part 2: The Cathedral & The Bazaar – about why the church does not have the “leper beggars” feature enabled, and how the service would be better if they had.
  3. extra: on the importance standards
  4. Part 3: The embarrassingly parallel truth – about how to prove your boss wrong in  matters concerning digging holes using parallel processes
  5. extra: How to Do Performance Calculations the Right Way
  6. Part 4: The Message – about how and why you were told lies that blinded you from seeing how cool event driven processing truly is
  7. extra: Figuring Out State in a Stateless World
  8. Part 5: The Common – about how to consolidate processes. up next
  9. Part 6: The Closed Box of Wanders – about microservice architecture (in a nutshell) – TBP
  10. Part 7: The Field of Dreams – about brownfield microservice transformation projects – TBP

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